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Which Clover POS devices is Pintegra compatible with?
Clover Station, Clover Station 2018, Clover Mini and Clover Flex
Does Pintegra work with all Clover POS software plans?
Register Lite and Register software plans only
Which versions of QuickBooks Desktop does Pintegra work with?
V16, V17 and V18 – Pro, Premiere and Enterprise
What version of Windows is Pintegra compatible with?
V7, V8.1 and V10
What data can I sync from Clover to QuickBooks with Pintegra?
Order items, sales receipts and refunds.
How many times can I sync data from Clover to QuickBooks Desktop?
Unlimited! Sync your data as many times as you want.
What is the file size of the Pintegra application for Windows?
3.58 MG


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